SEO Keyword Research Made Easy

Before most people write any content for their website, their going to use a keyword lookup tool.

They want to identify how much traffic and competition their are for a given keyword.

Any expert you ask is probably going to give you the same advice.

Use Google Keyword planner, or another tool to check search volume like ahref’s keyword tool.

While I totally get, you want to make sure there’s some volume on the keyword, the problem is, you’re trying to game the system.

Your next step is probably going to be to weight the amount of the keyword used in your content.

This comes off as very unnatural. Not to say this can’t work, the problem is google is going away from keyword based algorithms.

We are entering the era of AI and Machine Learning

If you have an android phone and pull up the Google app, you’re going to see a bunch of “news” type articles.

This is actually called Google Discover and they’ve been working on integrating AI and machine learning into a system that uses behavior to determine what you want to look up.

This is only part of the equation, you will also notice in search results “People also ask” near the top of the results as well as “Searches related to google people also ask” at the bottom of the results.

This is all based on AI and behavior, google tracks where people are going after initial searches, how long they spend on those pages, if a video keeps the reader engaged and about 1,000 other behavioral factors.

Google is now far smarter than keyword searching.

Do any search and you will see more and more results that don’t reflect the keyword and don’t have the keyword weight you would expect in the content.

Create useful information around a TOPIC.

Just think about the last time you searched for something.

Did you have a better experience having to go through 10 or more websites to get your answer, or were you happy with just a few searches to find the answer to your problem?

Focus on answering the question and you will see far more success.

Here’s a great video from IncomeSchool explaining a detailed method for utilizing google itself to plan out keywords.